The Good Stuff started with the single idea of making products for the skin that contain only natural, organic, skin loving ingredients. Personally, I was becoming fed up with the skin care industry, making claims such as “containing all natural ingredients”, or “dermatologist approved” (one of my favorites), “intensive healing properties”, etc. No matter how much and how often I applied these products to my skin, they would not absorb or hydrate (my body was telling me something), and I would feel even more dry! And the money I’ve spent on those fancy expensive face creams that made a laundry list of fantastic claims, would actually wash off my face after applying at night… and there went my money, right down the drain!

So the question, and ultimately my quest, became, what is going on with these products and why are these skin care companies making false claims? When I started reading the labels I was shocked at how many ingredients were toxic, petroleum based and what I call “fillers” that have zero nutritional value for the skin. So what else could I do but create a product that hydrated and nourished my skin. Not only did it make my skin feel fantastic, but these products healed cracks on the fingers and feet, diminished calluses (my feet are twenty years younger!), made my face feel smooth and hydrated, reduced fine lines and evened out my skin tone, wow! But most importantly, my skin was finally happy and healthy. I could actually feel my skin glowing and saying, “You are feeding me something healthy & nutritious, yay!”  I mean, after-all, if we want our bodies to perform optimally, we eat food that are well balanced and nutritious. So why would we ignore the largest organ of our body?? The organ that protects us from microbes and harmful elements, regulates body temperature and is there for the world to see? Time to listen to your skin people… and if you are reading this page, you have just found a nutritious, well-balanced diet for your skin, it’s called The Good Stuff!

Made with all natural, organic ingredients that your skin will love.  If you’ve been looking for a skin care product that actually feeds your skin and feels great, you’ve found the right place! Please browse the site and let me know what you think!

All products are handcrafted and made in Sandy Hook CT

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