Toner Info

Why the ! do we need to tone? Our face is a very delicate place; one that everyone can see and also a place that endures the highest level of exposure to harsh chemicals, pollutants and environmental factors. However, the body is amazingly smart and protects this delicate area with an acidic barrier that wards off bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms. We often turn to cleansing as our first line of defense in skin care, but depending on the ingredients of our products, we could be doing more harm than good without even knowing it until our skin is screaming with excess oil, blackheads, dry patches, rosacea, etc.

Toning is a simple way to restore your skin’s natural acidic barrier or mantle as it is sometimes referred to. Our skin should ideally be slightly acidic, at a 5.5. on a pH scale.  You can tell if you are off just looking at what is happening on your face. Drying, dehydration, and even inflammation can occur when the skin is too alkaline; breakouts and irritation can happen when the skin is too acidic. It’s important to keep a balance to the skin so situations like these can be avoided.