Activated Charcoal ~ $8 


Charcoal Cleansing Bar for Oily to Normal Skin Types


  • Charcoal absorbs oils and toxins
  • Made with Tea Tree essential oil that kills bacteria
  • size 2.5 oz.

Charcoal is a safe anti-acne war hero! known for its ability to draw toxins and excess oil from the skin and absorb them while gently exfoliating.


Witch Hazel & Honey ~ $8 

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Honey & Witch Hazel Cleansing Bar All Skin Types


  • Soothes dry, itchy, irritated skin
  • Astringent qualities reduce acne and pores
  • Gentle enough to use on all skin types
  • Size 2.5 oz.

This cleaning bar is loaded with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients! With Hazel,  known for its ability to cleanse and close the pores without stripping the skin’s natural barrier, combined with raw organic honey and sunflower seed oil, offer soothing relief for dry/irritated skin, lessening the symptoms of eczema.


Aloe & Honey Wash  $12


Gentle Aloe Honey Face Wash


  • High foam gently cleans and hydrates
  • Aloe Vera is astringents, soothing and calming
  • Contains Vitamin B-5 and silk amino acids
  • Size 4 oz. pump

This gentle face wash works well on all skin types and can be altered for acne prone skin with the addition of White Willow Bark and Cucumber extracts.  The high foaming action of this cleanser makes a little go a long way, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed!

Ingredients & Suggested Use

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Oil Cleansing Balm $8


Balancing Balm


  • Made with oils that will not clog the pores
  • No greasy feel or residue
  • Mixes well with water
  • Size 50ml.

The oil cleaning balm can be used for any skin type as the oils will gently soothe and hydrate dry/irritated skin. This cleanser also contains slightly astringent properties which are beneficial for those with oily skin. This balm should be mixed with a little water as it is very thick. This special blend will also rinse away effortlessly with a wet cloth and will leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and hydrated.

Ingredients & Suggested Use

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Makeup Removing Balm $8


Make-up Remover


  • img_8288.jpgGently removes eye & face make-up
  • No harsh/irritating ingredients
  • Cleanses and hydrates
  • Size 50 ml.

This make up remover will gently and effectively remove all make-up, even waterproof mascara. Made with Grapeseed & Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera and hydrating glycerin that will support the skins natural barrier.


Ingredients & Suggested Use

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