Face Butter Info

Good Stuff Face Butters are the most hydrating and ultra-nourishing supplement you can give to your skin. The lipids in these products easily absorb and combine with the skins’ own natural oils, brining a glowing radiance to the surface. Not only will these ingredients soften fine lines and leave your skin feeling dewy, but they will eliminate dull, dry, under-nourished looking skin. I personally apply face butters at night which gives it plenty of uninterrupted time to soak in and work their magic.

GS Face Butters come in varieties depending on your skin type (see below). All butters have a shea/mango butter base with the addition of many nourishing oils.

Youthful Glow Butter  was crated for mature or damaged skin. As we age, our skin loses collagen and elasticity; combine this with  the elements of wind, sun and pollutants and our skin can become dull and dry. What we need are products that are nutritious and ultra-hydrating. Included are powerful anti-oxidants and intensively nourishing oils for skin that has had high exposure to the weather & loss of collagen. The ingredients are  perfect blend of linoleic & gamma-linolenic acids (omega 6 essential fatty acids; protectants that reduce TEWL) & oleic acid (omega 9 non-essential fatty acids; skin softening, regulating and easily absorbed).

Clean-n-Clear Butter  was created for those who are prone to break-outs. The oils used are rated 0-1 on the comedogenic scale (0-5, with five causing the most pore blockage), and created to work together by eradicating harmful bacteria reduce the amount of blackheads/whiteheads while restoring a natural balance to the skin. Hazelnut & grapeseed oil are know to have astringent qualities (tightens the skin) as well as anti-bacterial (prevent the development of bacteria) and anti-microbial (prevent the spread of bacteria) properties. Hemp seed is also part of this recipe and offers anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties that are perfect for oily yet sensitive skin.

Every Day Shea is for everyday use! This is a Shea Butter cream, therefore a bit lighter than “regular” butters and can be used everyday. Containg Abysinian and Hemp Seed Oil to bring balance to dry and irritated skin. There are two variations, one for dry skin or cold water and the other for oily skin or warmer weather. They both contain nourishing ingredients that your skin will love.