Hyaluronic Acid Face Cream Info

This scary sounding name (maybe it’s the “acid” part) is one of the most beneficial substances for the human body on this Earth! Ok, this stuff happens to be my Holy Grail and here’s why.

H.A. (as I will affectionately refer to it by) can be found in virtually every cell in your body. It is more dense in areas such as the skin, cartilage, connective tissues, and in synovial fluid that lubricates the joints. Sometimes referred to as “nature’s moisturizer” H.A. is a natural humectant which means it can draw water towards it and at the same time contain it, holing up to six liters per gram! And what does moisture do for our skin? Yep, you guessed correctly, it provides the skin with nutrients that it needs to obtain that “youthful glow”  which by the way, is not just for twenty year-olds anymore!

SO now you are wondering how this stuff works. Without launching a fifty page research paper that only a small percentage of us would find fascinating, the long and short of it is, a humectant works by pulling water form the dermis (second layer of the skin) to the epidermis (top layer of the skin). This process increases moisture in the outer most layer of the epidermis (where the dead skin cells roam) and encourage the shedding of these dull and flaky inhabitants. And not to worry about running low on the water supply in your dermis, natural humectants will actually stimulate the production of water; thus, encouraging the growth and production of new cells in the epidermis. However, important to note, that drinking plenty of water is a necessary process for all these transactions to effectively and efficiently take place. One other point of interest, if you live in an area where the humidity is over 70%, or it just happens to be a humid day, the humectant can actually pull moisture form the air and feed it to your skin!

SO give this “great stuff” a try. It can be used for the sensitive areas around the eyes as well as your entire body. The Good Stuff H.A. cream does include other nourishing oils as well as a small amount of shea butter; however, if you do notice some dry spots, try applying face butter and/or a serum over top. Combining H.A. with these other products is probably the best thing you will ever do for your skin… and it will glow!

And remember to drink plenty of water.