Moringa Clay Mask

Clay & Powdered Masks ~ $6 to $8


Moringa Clay Mask for All Skin Types









  • Pulls toxins and other impurities from the skin
  • Cleans the pores and removes dead skin cells
  • Deposits nutrients and vitamins
  • Size 5 oz. powder or 3.5 oz. pre-mixed clay

From oily to mature dry skin, masks are beneficial in restoring balance, relieving inflammation, reducing excess oils, dead skin cell and other impurities as well as eliminating the bacteria that cause acne. Good Stuff masks use bentonite clay which is well known for its ability to draw toxins from the skin through a bonding process. Your skin will feel smooth and soft, revealing a healthier looking complexion. Please click the read more tab as the masks can be adjusted to target specific skin types.

Ingredients & Suggested Use

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