Lip Balms

Shea Butter Lip Balm ~ $5 to $7

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  • Hydrating, nourishing and protective
  • Comes in glossy or matte finish, tinted or un-tinted (based on availability)
  • Size 5 ml. tube or 10 ml. tin

Lip balms are simple necessities. Made with shea butter, avocado and other nourishing oils, these lip balms can ease the discomfort of weathered, chapped lips, and completely transform your lips from dull and dry to hydrated and glamorous.

Ingredients & Suggested Use

NEW! Peppermint Plumper Lip Gloss ~ $8




  • Shiny, sexy and smooth
  • Plumps and hydrates
  • All natural ingredients
  • Pink or red; 8 ml. squeeze tube

Made with jojoba, kukui nut oil and other humectants, this balm draws moisture to your lip and keeps them soft. Also included is an active ingredient that takes the moisture and penetrates the lips creating more of a plump look.

Ingredients & Suggested Use

Brown Sugar Lip Scrub ~ $5



  • Removes chapped, dead skin
  • Creates smooth and soft lips
  • Brown sugar is gentle and tastes great
  • Size 10 ml.

Lip scrubs are a key element in sloughing away dead skin cells, allowing lip balms to penetrate and re-balance the lipid layer. Exfoliating your lips will smooth and soften the lips before applying lipstick; or when your lips are dry and peeling from exposure to the sun and cold. With the addition of nourishing oils and shea butter, this scrub will protect your lips from the elements and leave them feeling hydrated (application of  GS shea butter lip balm after exfoliating is highly recommended).  

Ingredients & Suggested Use

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