Shea Butter Luxury Lotion ~ $5 to $10


  • Creamy smooth texture with a light feel
  • Ultra hydrating and long lasting; will not leave your skin feeling dry
  • Sizes 50 ml. travel size or 100 ml.

This lotion offers the ultra-hydrating capabilities of Shea Butter in a much lighter feel of  a lotion. Rich in vitamins derived from avocado and sweet almond oil and essential oils of preference.


Callus Cupcake ~ $8


Callus Cupcake


  • Made specifically for rough areas such as heels and elbows
  • Will diminish calluses
  • Available in push-up tube or cupcake

Highly emollient, these inedible cupcakes were made to target rough, scaly or callused areas by breaking down the thickened skin and revealing a smoother texture.


Lotion Bars ~ $8

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Lotion Bars


  • Convenient travel size bars
  • Will not melt, can be applied to all areas of the body
  • Size 2.5 oz.


Ingredients & Suggested Use

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