Lotions ~ Info

Good Stuff Lotions differ from butters as they use water or Aloe Vera as the base which makes them creamier and smoother during application. The Good Stuff lotions are very hydrating in the fact that they are made with Shea Butter and nourishing oils that are rich in vitamins E & A. You will not need much, a little bit will a long way!

Shea butter can also be swapped out for Cocoa Butter which offers more of a protective occlusive barrier over the skin, preventing moisture from escaping. Cocoa Butter can also alleviate painful symptoms from chapped or sunburn skin. However, due to the protective attributes of this butter, it is somewhat comedogenic (will block the pores) and should not be used if you are prone to acne.

Similar to lotion bars is Good Stuff Callus Cupcake formulated specifically to soften  tougher areas such as the elbows and feet. On a personal note, these inedible cupcakes have completely diminished signs of ever having calluses on my feet! I was seriously re-think becoming a foot model… well, at least within my family! I can also feel good about not having to pay someone to slough off the dead skin on my feet, GROSS! So save some money and give these cupcakes a try…

Apply these cupcakes on your feet every night, throw on a pair of socks and like magic, your feet will be as smooth as a babies… foot? The adage is a little different “butt” I’m sure you can figure you what’s being said here!

Good Stuff Lotion Bars are quite handy for travel and also make decorative gifts! (see bottom image on far right) These bars are solid in room temperature, having more butter like attributes, and work amazingly well on rough heels and elbows, dissolving calluses and smoothing the skin.