For the Face

A good skin care regimen begins with understanding how to apply your products and in what order. If they are not applied in the correct order, you can prevent your skin from receiving the full benefits and end up wasting a lot of money! Click the “steps” for a link  to products.

Step 1 ~ Remove Makeup

  • Makeup, sunscreen and any other silicone based products should be removed first. The Good Stuff oil based makeup remover with cucumber extracts and other humectants will cleanse and and hydrate.

Step 2 ~ Cleanse 

  • Once the makeup has been removed, it’s time to clean. Good Stuff gentle cleansers are great for removing dirt and excess oil without stripping the skins natural lipid barrier.

Step 2A ~ Exfoliate (as needed)

  • Exfoliating is an important part of a good skin care routine, however it should not be done every day; once or twice per week should suffice. When we exfoliate, we are removing dead skin cells which enables our skin to better absorb nutrients and other beneficial treatments.

Step 3 ~ Tone

  • Using a toner is something I rarely miss. They are made to restore the PH balance of your skin; they are mildly astringent and will restore the moisture balance naturally by matching the skins own PH level. In the morning, I prefer to skip the wash and just tone as I feel that my face does not need a “deep clean” after sleeping in Good Stuff nourishing products. 😉

Step 4 ~ Treatments & Retinols

  • Rescue Treatments, Retinols (vitamin A creams) and other treatments (acne treatments or vitamin C serums) will work actively once the skin has been cleansed and toned. If using Rescue Treatments, apply before Retinols or Vitamin C to ensure maximum absorb-ability benefit. If using retinols, apply in the evening as they may break down in the sunlight.
  • Because Retinols and Vitamin C can cause skin sensitivity, it’s recommended that they be used once per day. Rescue Treatments can be used A.M. & P.M. to achieve best results.

Step 5 ~ Humectants

  • These products supply moisture by pulling it from the air and also by drawing it from the deep layers of the skin. They are non-comedegenic (will not block the pores) any may be a valuable step in treating acne.  Please keep in mind that it is essential to drink plenty of water when using these products, especially if the air is dry. In the dryer, cold weather, it may be necessary to apply a light moisturizer after applying a humectant.

Step 6  ~ Eye Treatments

  • Because the skin around the eyes is much thinner and more prone to environmental stressors, this are should be treated with specially formulated eye cream or oils.

Step 7 Moisturize  ~ Face Butters & Creams

  • Butters and creams should be your final step in a good face are regimen. Creams are much lighter, containing 2/3 water as their main ingredient, and can therefore be used primarily in the morning as your day cream (depending on your skin type). Butters on the other hand, are rich and thick, made with with Shea Butter and other nourishing oils that deeply penetrate and nourish the skin. You may find it better to use them at night so your face has plenty of uninterrupted time to absorb all the goodies! They can also be used as spot treatments for overly dry or flaky areas of the skin.



  • It’s important to note that toners are mildly exfoliating (they are called “chemical” exfoliants) and should not be used in combination with “mechanical” exfoliants, such as a salt or sugar scrub. Using a mechanical exfoliator is great for deep cleaning but should only be used 1-2 times per week depending on your skin type.
  • Humectants are very hydrating and it may not be necessary to apply a face butter or cream afterwards. However, depending on the climate and the amount of water  you consume, it is possible that your skin may become a little dry. Humectants work by pulling moisture from the air but also from the deep layers of the skin (one reason to drink plenty of water!). If you do notice dry areas, it’s recommended to apply a moisturizer such as a Shea Butter, Shea Cream or serum as your final step.
  • Serums are not listed as a “step” but they can be interchanged with your moisturizer or used for spot treatments. One of the great benefits of serums are they absorb quickly, leaving your face with a fresh dewy look. They can be applied under or over makeup to give your makeup a refreshed look. They do not clog the pores making serums one of the most diversified and user friendly products!