Glossary of Ingredients

Almond Oil, Sweet
All skin types. It is close to the natural sebum produced by the skin. Especially good for eczema. Helps relieve itching, soreness, dryness and inflammation. Very lubricating, but not quick penetration, which makes it a wonderful massage oil and protectant. Contains vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, E), minerals, fatty acids and protein.

Aloe Vera Gel
The active ingredients have been found to heal and regenerate skin. Aloe vera improves hydration with its natural moisturizing factor and is good for all skin types.  Studies have shown it to significantly help clear up acne and psoriasis.  Its lignin component helps other ingredients penetrate the skin.  It contains saponins, which are soapy substances that cleanse and have antiseptic properties. They also act effectively as antimicrobials against bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeast.  It’s composed of salicylic acid that has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Angelica Root Oil
Promotes circulation by dilating blood vessels, which can reduce blood pressure.  Has a balancing effect on the female hormonal system. Improves oxygen utilization.  It is used in the treatment of psoriasis, irritated skin, dull and congested skin conditions. Pleasant woody aroma. Contains a substance very similar to that found in musk and can be a sexual stimulant.

Apple Cider Vinegar
It works as a cleanser removing dirt and oil from skin and hair. It promotes blood circulation and helps to dissolve fatty deposits on the skin’s surface, reducing scaly conditions and promoting a softer, smoother appearance.

Apple Juice/Apple Extract
The value of apples lies in the malic and tartaric acids. Boosts the production of human stem cells, protects human stem cells from stress and decreases wrinkles.  Delays the aging of hair follicles.  Contains powerful anti-inflammatory agents.

Apricot Kernel Oil
Non-greasy.  It’s extremely nourishing to the skin and excellent for softening delicate skin around the eyes and neck. It has good penetration and therapeutic properties. Softens and smooths the skin. Reduces roughness, cracking and irritation. Effective in retarding the fine wrinkles of aging. All skin types.

Argan Oil
Lightweight, fast absorbing oil heals and conditions.  Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, strengthens elasticity, protects against stretch marks.  Scientific expertise has yielded several amazing active ingredients from the argan plant.

Arnica Oil
It has wound healing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It aids tissue regeneration, relieves pain, swelling and soothes sore muscles. It disperses trapped, disorganized fluids from bumped and bruised tissue, joints and muscles, stimulating the activity of white blood cells that relieve congested blood cells.

Arrowroot Powder
This is a natural powdered root starch used as a thickening and stabilizing agent and has great moisture-absorbing properties.  It’s gentle, neutral, and non-abrasive with wound-healing properties. The only starch with a calcium ash, arrowroot assists in the body’s maintenance of acid and alkaline balance.

Avocado Oil
It is extremely beneficial and nourishing in treating skin disorders, such as dry and dehydrated skin, eczema, psoriasis, and solar keratosis.  Improves elasticity. Very penetrating and a superb emollient. The moisturizing and skin softening properties make it a valuable addition to anti-wrinkle, anti-aging and mature skin blends.  Has sunscreen properties.

Babassu Oil
This oil is very high in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. It’s a fast penetrating oil that draws heat from the skin producing a cooling effect. Babassu forms a protective, soothing coat and a pleasant, velvety feeling, which also makes it ideal in hair care as well as skin care. Superior emollient beneficial for dry and oily complexions; non-clogging, and gently moisturizing.

Baking Soda
It’s a natural odor-eater with skin-soothing properties for irritated skin.  Baking soda is also effective in helping inflammation from bug bites.

It helps to emulsify and thicken lotions and creams, holds together lip and body balms, and forms a protective barrier between skin and the environment.

Bentonite Clay
Amazing drawing power to open and clean impurities from the pores.  It’s a premium exfoliant to remove excess oil and sebum from the skin.  Has antibacterial benefits and will speed the healing process of acne. It will also stimulate circulation and promote healing in the skin.

Birch Oil, Sweet (edible, though not currently on FDA GRAS list)
Effective for sore muscles, sprains and painful joints because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties. Often used for problem skin conditions and as a skin softener.

Borage Oil
Has the highest known content of essential unsaturated fatty acids. These are great skin conditioners. They regulate the hydration of the skin and are humectants.  Calms inflammation overall, making it an attractive treatment option for arthritis, eczema, seborrhea and other inflammatory conditions.  Acts as an insect repellent and blood vessel dilator.

Calendula Oil
It appears to have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial effects in addition to the beneficial effects from the antioxidants, protecting the body against cell-damaging free radicals. As a result of it is a preferred ingredient in natural anti-aging skin care products and moisturizers formulated for dry, sensitive and damaged skin. Well-known antiseptic and wound healer. It reduces swellings and bruises, relieves and heals effects of stings and bites and infected sites.  It can be used on all skin types and in all conditions.

Candelilla Wax
Imparts a desirable ‘slip’ texture to the finished product with its emollient properties.  Acts as an emulsifier and thickener.

Carrot Seed Oil
This pure essential oil has amazing skin enhancing properties.  By stimulating skin circulation, it improves elasticity, tones skin, repairs damaged tissues, and combats the formation of wrinkles and scars. It also acts to cleanse and drain skin tissues of excess toxins and fluids.

Castor Oil
It is very soothing and lubricating to the skin and acts as a humectant attracting moisture to the skin. Castor oil is part alcohol and part oil, so it is great for cleansing.  It will penetrate the skin carrying the essential oils with it, making it effective for arthritis and deep muscle aches.

Chamomile Oil/Chamomile Powder
Invigorating, rejuvenating and relaxing qualities. Well known for its calming aroma and its anti-inflammatory, skin soothing properties.  It is excellent for protecting dry, red, hot and sensitive skin and is anti-allergic.  Its antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antiseptic properties are effective as a skin decongestant and cleanser. Good for dermatitis, acne, burns and inflammation. Most recognized for its ability to heal wounds and abrasions. Also provides antioxidation.

Cherry Kernel Oil
Very stable, emollient oil, rich in oleic acid, natural antioxidants, vitamin A and natural tocopherols (non-gluten vitamin E). It makes a light, moisturizing addition to lip balms, body butters, salt and sugar scrub formulations. This oil is also beneficial in bath oils, and it works well as a penetrating carrier oil in aromatherapy.

Cocoa Butter
It is highly protective and acts as a water repellent. Cocoa butter softens and lubricates the skin reducing cutaneous dryness and improving skin flexibility.  It also had water-repellent properties and is useful in sunscreen products.

Coconut Milk Powder
Very high in fat and natural fatty acids without being oily. Rich in protein, vitamins and aids in cell regeneration.  Its lactic acid properties have the unique ability to penetrate the skin.  It is a natural antiseptic that gently deep cleans impurities without over drying, even on sensitive skin. Leaves skin soft and silky.

Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin
Soothing and healing to dry or chapped skin with wonderful sunscreen properties. Coconut oil is light, rather than greasy and absorbs easily. Its antioxidant properties will prevent skin from sagging and eliminate wrinkles.  It has antimicrobial properties and helps prevent bacterial and fungal infections.

Coenzyme Q10
Also known as Ubiquinone, CoQ10 is a vitamin-like substance that resembles Vitamin E but is an even more powerful antioxidant and effective anti-aging ingredient. There are 10 common Coenzyme Q’s, but COoQ10 is the only one found in human tissue. As we age, th CoQ10 tissue levels decrease.  CoQ10 is the cellular component (quinone) which is a cyclic compound found in every cell of the body.  Naturally formed through a fermentation process.

Coleus Oil (edible, though not currently not FDA GRAS list)
The roots of coleus are the only known plant source of forskolin, a natural antimicrobial. Coleus oil was found to inhibit the growth of skin pathogens such as acne, staph and yeast infections. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe irritated skin.  It has a pleasant woody aroma.

Cypress Oil
Repairs oily and over hydrated skin, poor circulation problems and has the ability to relieve excess fluid retention.  Helps control perspiration with its astringent and deodorant properties.

Dead Sea Mud (inedible – available through special order only)
Improves blood circulation and natural skin generation. Fine mud grains, cleanse the skin and remove dead skin cells and any dirt particles, impurities and toxins.  Provides effective relief for skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and wrinkles.  Moisturizes skin and helps natural skin hydration.

Emu Oil
It has an extraordinary ability to penetrate the skin and acts as a carrier for other ingredients. It is non-clogging and non-irritating. Reduces inflammation and redness of the skin, reduces the formation of wrinkles and restores moisture to irritated, dry skin, as well as stimulates skin, hair and nail growth.  In addition, it is said to reduce inflammation and pain of sore muscles and joints. Has natural SPF.

Eucalyptus Oil
Relieves muscular aches and pains, insect bites and rashes. Antiseptic, antibiotic, antifungal, anti-infectious and anti-parasitic. Affects dermis layer, increases respiratory metabolism of skin cells, oxygenates skin.

Evening Primrose Oil
This oil is an effective emollient, forming a protective layer keeping the complexion supple and strong.  Combats pain and inhibits bacterial growth to defend against infection and inflammation.  Helps to prevent the premature aging of the skin and rejuvenate skin cells. It also repairs damaged skin.

Fennel Oil, Sweet
It has a cleansing and toning effect on the skin, helps with bruises, sorting out overly oily skin and fighting wrinkles in more mature complexions.

Frankincense Oil
Helps improve dry, chapped mature-looking skin. Contains astringent, antiseptic, anti-depressant and anti-inflammatory properties.  In addition, frankincense can stimulate new cell growth and help prevent wrinkles.

Geranium Oil
Not to be confused with rose geranium.  The effects of geranium oil are calming, balancing, and uplifting. It stimulates sensual feelings and balances hormones, making it particularly effective during PMS and menopause. It has antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, so it is beneficial for healing wounds and treating irritated or blemished skin, including excessively dry (eczema) or oily skin.

Geranium Oil, Rose
Its beneficial skin care properties are numerous and powerful: cell regeneration, tissue repair, toning of skin tissues, oil and sebum regulation. It is astringent and antiseptic, and makes an excellent treatment for skin inflammations, balances oily and dry skin.

Ginger Oil
Effective against muscle pain, fatigue, and poor circulation.  Reduces inflammation, headaches, sinusitis, and aids in circulation. New homeopathic studies show ginger oil helps affected joints, ligaments, and muscles and eases the pain associated with arthritis as well as rheumatism. Ginger is also antiseptic and cleansing which helps to keep the skin clean and free of blemishes. Ginger will improve the elasticity of the skin so it appears more firm and youthful. Stimulating and detoxifying ginger is also used to treat cellulite.

Grape Juice/Grape Extract
The significant amounts of resveratrol, a fat-soluble compound, naturally present in grapes have demonstrated potentially beneficial properties, including antioxidant, anticoagulant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogen effects.  These compounds allow the body’s cells to absorb vitamin C, which are helpful in protecting cells from free radical damage to the skin and body.  It is also useful for skin lightening and brightening, as well as sun damage repair.

Grapeseed Oil
A light, slightly astringent oil. Rich in antioxidants more potent than Vitamin C and E. Helps minimize sun damage.

Green Tea Extract
Well-documented antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities.  Slows the development of some signs of aging and reactivates drying skin cells, improving skin condition.  Skin lightener, astringent, and antibacterial.  Reduces the appearance of puffiness, wrinkles, fine lines and large pores.

Helichrysum Oil (edible, though not currently on FDA GRAS list)
Aids healing scars, whether from a recent wound, or tissue that has been scarred for years. It is anti-inflammatory with pain reducing and analgesic effects.  Excellent for its skin-rejuvenating properties in addition to softening the skin.  It also has remarkable effects on sensitive and inflamed skin.

Hempseed Oil
Natural emollient and moisturizer. It is especially wonderful oil for dry or mature skin since it helps stimulate cell growth.  Reduces skin discomfort by soothing and restoring dry or damaged skin and inflammation.

Its antimicrobial, antioxidant, and humectant properties keep skin naturally hydrated and protected. Helps treat wounds and prevent scarring, encouraging the growth of new tissues, leaving skin soft and supple, and hair glossy and healthy.  Honey can help treat minor acne by attacking the bacteria that cause the outbreaks while moisturizing the skin to aid rejuvenation. Used in sunscreens and facial cleansing for treating damaged or dry skin.

Jasmine Oil
Helps relieve stress, anger and anxiety and is an anti-depressant and euphoric. When added to skin care and cosmetic preparations, Jasmine essential oil soothes dry, sensitive skin, heals dermatitis, and tones aging, wrinkled skin. It is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

Jojoba Oil
Resembles the skin sebum, the natural coating our body produces to protect the skin and keep it supple, therefore, it is easily absorbed and balances sebum production.  Works as an effective cleanser by dissolving clogged pores.  Conditions, moisturizes and softens.  Reduces wrinkles, lightens and helps heal scars.  Suits all skin types.  Has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions.  Protects partly from UV radiation (SPF 4).

Juniper Oil
Treats pain and inflammation.  Increases circulation, reduces fluid retention and aids in removing toxins from the body.

Kaolin Clay
This is a fine, fluffy clay that has natural absorbency properties.  Suitable for sensitive or dry skin. Helps stimulate circulation while gently exfoliating and cleansing.

Kokum Butter
It has excellent emollient properties and high oxidative stability, which assists emulsion integrity. It prevents skin dryness and reduces the development of wrinkles, degeneration of skin cells and it restores flexibility to the skin. Ideal in skin care products for its ability to soften skin and its effectiveness on ulcerations of lips, acne, scalp, hands and soles of feet.

Kpangnan Butter
Effective topical anti-inflammatory agents. Kpangnan is a bright, clear yellow with a smooth feel and adds silkiness to creams and lotions.  Known for its skin protecting properties and for locking moisture into the skin.

Kukui Nut Oil
Easily absorbed, this oil is wonderful for sensitive skin, mature, damaged, or wrinkled skin. It aids in softening and restructuring the skin.  For dry skin, psoriasis and acne. It also benefits eczema, sunburn and chapped skin.

Lavender Buds/Lavender Oil
Natural relaxant, anti-depressant and detoxifier. It has a sweet floral-herbaceous scent, with a balsamic woody undertone. Potent cell regeneration and repair capabilities, lavender was used as a healing substance for wounds and burns. Its active components work to increase cellular activity and actually prevent cell death. It is powerfully antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal, and also works to regulate the production of sebum.

Lemon Oil
Acts as a depurative and lymphatic stimulant, draining tissues of excess fluids and toxins. It’s anti-bacterial, astringent and cell-regenerative, so it helps cleanse the skin, reduce wrinkles, improve acne and heal dry, rough, chapped skin.

Lemongrass Oil
Good for oily, acne-prone skin.  It makes an excellent addition to deodorants and skin care products.  Aids with infections, acne, enlarged pores, blackheads, tissue toner, and cellulite for its astringent, calmative, antiseptic, anti-infectious, anti-parasitic and antifungal properties.

Lecithin, Sunflower
A natural antioxidant and emulsifier found in sunflowers. Excellent emollient benefits as a softening and soothing agent.  It is a super skin restorative agent and has magnificent moisturizing properties, helping to hydrate the skin. Powerful additive for mature, dry or overworked skin. It also has the unique ability to deeply penetrate the skin.

Macadamia Nut Oil
Very hydrating.  Easily absorbed into the skin and acts as an emollient protecting skin cells from deterioration.  It is suitable for all skin types but is extremely nourishing for dry or mature skin.  Effective antioxidant, which protects the skin just like human sebum does.  It is a fabulous, protective with a high absorption rate and has been used successfully as a healing oil for scars, sunburns, minor wounds and other irritations.

Mandarin Oil
This oil’s fruity, cheerful aroma is invigorating and uplifting.  Its astringent properties make it beneficial for skin tone, while natural antioxidants help protect the skin.  Often used preparations to lessen stretch marks, scarring, acne, dull skin, oily skin, scars, spots, stress, and wrinkles.

Mango Butter
Softening, soothing, moisturizing and protective properties. Great emollient with wound healing and regenerative properties.  UV radiation protective properties.  It restores flexibility and reduces degeneration of skin cells. All skin types.  Natural antioxidant.

Marjoram Oil
The antispasmodic action can help soothe all muscles and may help calm menstrual cramps, rheumatism, sprains, strains, relieve excess fluid in the tissues, and stimulates local circulation.  The antioxidant qualities help reduce skin aging and works well as a toner for the skin.

Meadowfoam Oil
Re-moisturizes the skin in ways no other oil can. It’s stable, non-greasy and rapidly absorbed. Produces a soft, smooth, silky feel oil.  Helps hold fragrance and stabilize oils. High non-gluten Vitamin E content.

Monoi de Tahiti Oil
The word monoi means scented oil.  A truly beautiful exotic oil, it’s a natural blend of Tahitian coconut oil and “Tiaré” (Gardenia Tahitensis) flowers. Together they create a rich, non-greasy emollient and deep moisturizer that penetrates quickly, acting as a natural barrier against dehydration, which is the major cause of wrinkles. It leaves the skin smooth and healthy looking. Ideal for all skin types but is especially beneficial for dry skin. Natural sunscreen and antiseptic properties.

Myrrh Oil
Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, fungicidal, and calming properties.  It’s an effective antimicrobial agent and used to treat wounds and abrasions. Excellent for inflamed or chapped skin, and is used effectively on mature skin, as well as deep cracks on feet and hands.

Neroli Oil
Its ability to promote cell regeneration, soothe inflamed and painful skin, and treat stretch marks makes it an excellent additive.

The anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties are wonderful for its gentle and soothing affects on sensitive and irritated skin.  It’s also a thorough cleansing agent and exfoliant, removing dirt, absorbing oils while refining the pores, and controlling oil production.

Olive Oil, Extra Virgin
It has superior penetrating and antioxidant powers.  Softens the skin with a excellent moisturizing effect on the upper layer of the skin and reduces scars as well.  Has an outstanding ability to form a moisture barrier while allowing skin to breathe.

Orange Peel Powder/Orange Oil, Sweet
Known for its astringent properties, it makes an excellent facial and body moisturizer, encouraging radiant, rejuvenated and younger looking skin. It’s one of the best acne remedies.  It also has applications as a topical anti-fungal agent.

Orchid Extract
Used to combat the signs of aging, reducing and smoothing wrinkles and lines, and improve the complexion in general. Deeply nourishes and restores cells to their optimum functioning, re-balancing and protecting the skin. Protects and moisturizes, while fighting free radicals.

Passionfruit Oil
Also known as passion flower oil or maracuja oil, it is a superior emollient rich in vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus. The high content of essential fatty acids and light texture makes it a valuable contribution to a wide array of personal care products intended to nourish the skin and treat dry skin conditions. Its calming and sedative properties make it suitable for bath, facial and hair care products. Its anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and sedative properties make it the oil of choice for use in massage applications and formulations intended to ease muscular aches and swelling.

Patchouli Oil
Used as a topical remedy for skin problems such as acne, eczema, inflamed, cracked, chapped and irritated skin. Known for its cell regeneration properties and is helpful in healing wounds and scars. As an anti-fungal, patchouli oil is effective in treating athlete’s foot. For hair, it helps eliminate dandruff and aids oily hair. Patchouli essential oil also assists in reducing tension, insomnia and anxiety. It is known as an uplifting fragrance that soothes the nervous system, and due to its wine-like intoxicating aroma, used as an aphrodisiac.

Peach Kernel Oil
Used for its moisturizing, regenerative and restructuring properties, especially for mature skin, but good oil for all skin types. It contains vitamins, minerals, and non-gluten vitamin E.

Peppermint Leaves/Peppermint Oil
Soothing and cleansing to skin, its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic cleansing properties make it the ideal for oily, acne-prone skin, blackheads and breakouts, though it is wonderfully toning and cleansing for all skin types. Serves the dual objective of cooling and soothing overheated skin and keeping in check fungal and bacterial growth.  Useful to relieve pain and muscle aches.

Petitgrain Oil
The therapeutic properties of petitgrain are anti-infectious, antiseptic and tonic. It is most useful in clearing up problem and acne skin, while helping to sort out skin blemishes, calming, toning and revitalizing the skin.

Pitanga Leaf Oil
Strong astringents properties (naturally high tannin content) and extremely good for normalizing excessive sebum production on scalp (oily hair) and seborrheic dermatitis.  It’s rich in vitamins and most important is very rich in alpha hydroxy acids. Natural alpha hydroxy acids have been used for centuries for skin rejuvenation to improve the appearance of everything from acne to wrinkles. Pitanga leaf oil has repellent properties as well.

Pomegranate Seed Oil
Highly nourishing pomegranate seed oil possesses powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, protecting skin from free radicals with soothing qualities.  Effective emollient and acts as an anti-inflammatory. It is a good choice for use in applications intended for dry or irritated skin or aging skin.  Balances skin pH, improves elasticity, and moisturizes.  It has also been shown to help sunburned and ultraviolet damaged skin.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil
An excellent free radical scavenger and antioxidant.  Reported prevention of rash, eczema and other skin lesions, it also has superior anti-inflammatory properties.  Aids in the protection against the sun.  Plays an important role in skin repair and conditioning as an emollient and it ability to retain moisture.

Rice Bran Oil/Rice Bran Wax
It has antioxidizing properties as well as sunscreen properties. Its softening and moisturizing properties work well for mature, delicate or sensitive skin. High content of gluten-free Vitamin E.

Rooibos Extract
Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties. Recommended for a wide range of ailments for its soothing effect on the skin, including eczema, diaper rash and acne. Protects the skin against oxidative stress (anti-aging effect).

Rose Hydrosol/Rose Oil
Mild antiviral and bactericidal properties.  Because of its natural acids, it’s hydrating and anti-inflammatory. Its antiseptic and disinfectant properties clear up blemishes and calm the skin. It is most effective for moisturizing and hydrating the skin, while having a general stimulant action for cleansing, which is good for all skin types, but especially for dry, mature and irritated skin.

Rosehip Seed Oil
It moisturizes dry, mature, sensitive, allergic, aging and problem skin. It is considered a cellular regenerative oil repairing scar tissue, wrinkles and age spots.  As a potent anti-inflammatory oil it helps provide immediate relief for dry, itchy skin.

Rosemary Leaf Extract
Acts as a natural oil-soluble antioxidant to prevent rancidity in oils and stabilize ingredients. It also provides antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Rosemary Oil
It is astringent and antiseptic, cleaning and toning to the skin and scalp, and it stimulates and improves skin circulation and metabolism. It is excellent for all skin types, particularly oily, acne-prone skin and eczema. Speeds healing of wounds and burns.

Sandalwood Oil (Note: we do not use the endangered sandalwood)
Helps soothe itchy, irritated and dry skin. Used to prevent premature wrinkling, acne and external infections.  The astringent action has a great toning effect and is also used with great results in oily skin conditions and to prevent the skin from forming ugly scars and for fighting dry eczema.

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil
Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. It has natural antioxidant properties and is slightly astringent. Sea buckthorn seed oil has been shown to help improve skin elasticity, regenerate skin cells, slow down premature aging, reduce the formation of wrinkles, and reduce scarring. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties are effective for maturing or damaged skin where the regeneration of new skin cells is needed. Speeds healing of burns.

Sea Kelp Extract
Cooling, toning, and reviving properties. A soothing marine botanical that relieves irritation caused by the environment. Accelerates the natural repair process while providing a boost of protection.

Sea Salt
High mineral content. Soften and rejuvenates the skin.  Great exfoliant for sloughing away dry skin cells. The exfoliating action of the sea salt actually opens clogged pores. Relaxes muscular aches, pains, sunburns, rashes, and irritated skin.  Antibacterial.

Sesame Oil
Naturally active in vitamins A and E and essential proteins.  It contains natural sunscreen properties.  Because of its relatively stable shelf life, it is superb in body care products and natural cosmetics.

Shea Butter
Used as an emollient, it is extremely therapeutic; helping to heal cracked, aged and damaged skin. Helps skin retain elasticity and its antimicrobial and moisturizing properties protects against the damaging effects of the sun while repairing cellular degeneration.

Squalane, Olive
It is soft, silky, and non-greasy and so fine that it quickly absorbs deep into the skin. It has a natural affinity to the skin because it’s one of the components of human sebum. Boosts the skin’s ability to regenerate, nourish, hydrate, oxygenate and protect itself and discourages bacteria growth.  It is non-toxic, non-irritating, hypoallergenic, non-sensitizing and non-clogging.

St. John’s Wort Oil
Used for bruises, is anti-inflammatory, and helps speed healing of wounds and sores.  Helps reduce inflammation and is used for the treatment or wounds, muscular pain and burns.

Star Anise Oil
Chinese star anise (Illicium verum) should not be confused with aniseseed.  The use of Star Anise helps improve metabolic processes of skin, is calming, aids in circulation and moisturiziation, improves skin elasticity, and helps retain skin softness and resilience.  It possesses very strong antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, making it useful in treating blemished skin.

Sugar, Cane
Has a rich source of natural enzymes and biological stimulators that promotes healthy skin. Used for exfoliation.

Sunflower Oil/Sunflower Wax
Light, non-greasy oil, extremely rich in vitamins A, C, D and E. Sunflower oil also contains lecithin and waxes. Very soothing to several types of skin irritations including acne.  Protective moisturizer and emollient. Easily absorbed by all skin types.

Tamanu Oil
Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle regenerative properties. It has protective properties against overexposure to the sun’s rays.  Remarkable topical healing agent, with general skin healing actions, antineuralgic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibiotic and antioxidant properties.

Tea Tree Oil
A potent anti-fungal, antiseptic, antiviral and antimicrobial, antibacterial oil, tea tree makes an excellent treatment for a wide spectrum of skin ailments and complaints, from acne, athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, yeast infections, cold sores and mouth ulcers. Its powerful germ fighting capabilities do not make it irritating or toxic to even sensitive skin.

Turmeric Oil
Antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, insect repellent and anti-inflammatory properties. Fights gum inflammation and reduces both bad breath and gingivitis. Turmeric has been hailed for its ability to heal wounds, cure acne, reduce hyper-pigmentation, brighten the skin, and fight free radical damage.

Vanilla Oleoresin
Its properties are antioxidant, aphrodisiac, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, sedative, tranquilizing and relaxing.  Nourishes dry, itchy skin and dull hair.  Comforting, calming and sensual.

Vitamin C
Used as an antioxidant and preservative.  It’s a free radical scavenger and aids in anti-aging by boosting collagen formation and reversing signs of aging to the skin.  It significantly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, lightens and brightens skin, repairs sun damage and fights acne. Anti-inflammatory properties sooth skin irritations.

Vitamin E (Gluten-free)
Acts as a free radical scavenger, hinders the oxidizing process in the skin and promotes soft and supple skin. As an antioxidant it defends the skin. Helpful in reducing scars and promotes healing. Natural emollient. Gluten-free sources.

Willow Bark Extract
Natural antimicrobial preservative.  Used traditionally for its anti-inflammatory and astringency characteristics with salicylic acid, which aids anti-aging formulas to balance, tone and enhance skin renewal, treat acne and other skin disorders without irritation.

Witch Hazel
A soothing and mild astringent that helps shrink pores.  Ideal cleanser, especially for oily or blemished skin.  It’s also used to treat skin irritations, inflammation, bruises, insect bites and burns. Antibacterial properties.

Xanthan Gum
It is a natural polysaccharide used as a food additive and in cosmetics as a thickener and emulsion stabilizer.

Ylang Ylang Oil
It’s known as an anti-depressant.  It has a soothing effect on the skin and balances sebum production.  Most helpful for normal to oily skin. It also can fight the bacteria that often contribute to acne.