Squalane is now harvested from many plant sources including olives, rice bran and sugarcane providing an environmentally friendly and cruelty-free option. The human body produces squalene naturally, which is why its derivative, squalane, is such an excellent moisturizer for the hair, skin and nails; our bodies know what to do with it. Like other beautifying components naturally produced by the body, as we age, our body’s natural production of squalene begins to decline. Which is why science is now encouraging the use of squalane oil as a potent anti-aging moisturizer. Among its many benefits, it has been used to fight cancer, is an incredible antioxidant, detoxifies, hydrates and possesses emollient activities.

When squalane oil is applied to the skin, it mimics your natural sebum, improving elasticity by increasing moisture retention and nutrients. Squalane oil is ideal for all skin types, including oily skin. Because it is non-comedogenic and lacks the oily residue, it will not clog your pores and has also shown to be as powerful as retinol when it comes to fighting free radicals and reversing damage caused by the sun.

Along with its known moisturizing benefits, squalane oil helps fight bacteria on your skin, meaning if you suffer from acne, squalane could help relieve your symptoms and banish those blemishes. Unlike many other oils, squalane instantly seeps into the skin, avoiding a slip-and-slide topical layer that most other oils leave. It works great alone or as a base for your foundation.